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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
Electronic Solutions for Imaging document imaging and management provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, web and CD publishing solutions.
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Electronic Document Management System

Company News - PDF417 Bar Code Technology:

PDF417 is a high-capacity two dimensional bar code. A PDF417 symbol can hold approximately 2000 characters of information, whereas a traditional linear bar code has difficulty holding more than 30 characters. The key characteristic of PDF417 bar code technology is its large information capacity. PDF417 is designed with enough capacity to contain an entire data file of information. With a PDF417 bar code, no external database access is needed, because the PDF417 2D bar code symbol can hold all the information needed in an entire portable data file.

Our bar code software module reads the information contained in the bar code and embeds the information into our electronic label. This eliminates the need to manually enter the information and provides 100% accuracy in creating the electronic label which will be used in retrieving the electronic PDF document using our document imaging system. Contact us for a free consultation on how our document imaging system with bar code module can benefit your company. More Details...

Free Document Imaging 5-Day eCourse

Contact us for an online software demonstration, free document imaging mini e-course or call now at 336.824.7011 to receive a free document management software cost justification analysis.               More Details...

"The DIS-Imaging system has been a revolutionary way of doing things around here. We've eliminated 26 file cabinets, released three file clerks and  the receptionist now does the work of three people. I wouldn't be without it".
-Dave Walters, President of Walters Gardens, Inc.
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About UsCertified Document Imaging Architech

Since 1998 ESI Imaging has been providing quality service and innovative solutions to all our clients document imaging & management needs. We employ CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architech) professionals who are experts in the document imaging field, yet have become specialists in PDF-based technologies and solutions. ESI has harnessed the power of “embedded labeling” technology in conjunction with the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) that has produced an innovative solution to the complex and expensive database management problems of typical document imaging and management systems. ESI can help you find the best solution to meet your document imaging goals; this can include an in-depth analysis of your existing document management software and also provide you with detailed information on how a custom document imaging and management solution can benefit your company. Some of our clients include Langley Air Force Base, U.S. Naval Command Center, U.S. Federal Marshals Service, Procter & Gamble, FMC Corporation, Fuddruckers Restaurants and the American Red Cross, just to name a few.

With our experience, training, and systems knowledge we can help your business succeed in a highly competitive world keeping you a step ahead of your competition. We are the only service bureau in the area to provide full support for all your document imaging and management needs, including back file conversion services, CDIA+ consulting services and PDF-based software solutions. We offer competitive pricing and an easy-to-work with staff. Contact us and discover the many benefits of PDF-based document imaging solutions.

Top 10 reasons to choose our DIS-Imaging Systems

1.  We use the Adobe PDF Format, so your documents are safe and accessible well into the future, which protects your investment in a document management system.
2.  No additional “per seat” viewing charges for workstations connected to the network. It does not matter whether 2 or 10,000 users are on the network; the cost of the system is the same.
3.  Free un-limited online training and phone support.
4.  Break the shackles of a database, gives you the power of database independence. Our document management software creates a portable document that can be moved from directory to directory and still be retrieved using an index.
5.  Simplicity is the foundation of our document imaging system's success: end users can be trained in less than 15 minutes. 
6.  Our document management software adapts to any company's unique makeup because we can create and search multiple indexes.
7.  Complete EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) that gives you the ability search and retrieve every file type on your network. Whether Word documents, Excel documents, PDF documents, text files, etc.
8.  Power of document longevity; documents created by our system will be functional 100 years from now, because we use the PDF file format and embed the key search words into the document itself.
9.  Our indexing engine is able to index more that 10 million documents with search speeds of less than a second.
10.  Our document management systems are flexible enough to be used in the U.S. Naval Command Center, yet affordable for businesses with less than ten employees.
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