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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
Electronic Solutions for Imaging document imaging and management provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, web and CD publishing solutions.
"eMRimaging is extensively different from any other EMR system
on the market, allowing physicians to practice medicine the way their accustomed!"
Electronic Document Management System
eMRimaging Software

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Our Document Imaging & Management System embeds the key search words into the PDF document, which allows these search words to be identified by any search engine that recognizes the PDF format, such as Google and Microsoft Sharepoint Services.Please feel free to contact us by phone, 336.824.7011 or MSN Instant Messenger at  if you have any questions regarding our document imaging products or services. We employ CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architech) professionals to answer questions regarding your document imaging needs and offer competitive pricing and an easy-to-work with staff.

eMRimaging Overview
Our electronic medical record system transmits the "look and feel" of the familiar and comfortable paper chart to a computer screen. Our eMRimaging system should be viewed as an imaging system, rather than a data entry and database system. It is extensively different from any other electronic medical record system on the market, as nearly every other electronic medical record platform revolves around a database with data entry. Our electronic medical record system gives the physician the option of electronic data entry through interactive electronic PDF forms or manual handwriting on traditional paper charts that are later integrated electronically into the patient EMR.

Why choose eMRimaging over other electronic medical record systems?
Easy paper-to-digital transition: 
What is often overlooked when evaluating and purchasing an EMR solution is the transition between a paper-based system and an electronic medical record system. Most EMR systems require staff to data enter historical information; ours does not. Every past medical record is scanned into the system with a high-speed scanner. More Info >

Flexibility of data input:  We have created a versatile electronic medical record system that gives the option of using both paper and electronic format harmoniously. Each physician has a choice of electronic data entry or writing on traditional paper templates that are then integrated into the patient EMR.  More Info >

Minimal Interruption:  Our electronic medical record solution is viewed as an add-on to your existing scheduling and billing applications. Unlike other EMR systems that require your staff to learn new applications for scheduling and billing, we allow your office personnel to maintain their modus operandi; thus incurring minimal interruption and requiring a short learning curve. More Info >

Legality of EMR system records:  Questions have been raised concerning the long term legality of database electronic medical record systems because version upgrades may not include the same information or look like the original template. Our electronic medical record system uses the PDF format which is an electronic replica of its paper counterpart and has a long history of legality in the U.S. Federal Courts. Each document is kept as an exact replica of the original document. More Info >

Scalability:  Some physicians or clinics may not feel comfortable with a full implementation of an electronic medical record system and would prefer a gradual addition of technology until entering full production. Our electronic medical record system allows practices or hospitals to start small and build up in functionality and features. It is also scalable to the size of practice, accommodating one-physician practices to full scale hospitals. More Info >

Live Interactive Demo
To experience how easy it is to retrieve a patients records on the Web through your browser, follow the link to our sample medical website. To access the website you will need the users name and password. (Both are case sensitive and contain no spaces.)  Go to demo medical website >

Username = smith
Password = smith

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