Document Imaging & Document Management Software
ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
Electronic Solutions for Imaging document imaging and management provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, web and CD publishing solutions.
"We make your documents available, when you need them,
             wherever you need them, at the click of a mouse!"
Electronic Document Management System
Electronic Document Storage & Retrieval

Our Document Imaging & Management System embeds the key search words into the PDF document, which allows these search words to be identified by any search engine that recognizes the PDF format, such as Google and Microsoft Sharepoint Services.In a business climate, where organizations are seeking ways to cut costs and increase productivity, document imaging systems are providing the most dramatic impact on office production since the copy machine replaced carbon paper.

Document Imaging and Management System and Software SolutionWith our document imaging system  multiple users can access electronic PDF documents at one time, information tends to flow more freely using our system. The benefit is straightforward: immediate access to documents results in higher office efficiency.

The ultimate objective of any document imaging system is to scan a paper document and convert it into an electronic document that can be searched, retrieved and shared with other people across a network, the Internet, or an intranet. Eventually, the documents are removed from the active system and archived. When archived, it is critical that they are in a format that can be searched and retrieved easily. Two categories of documentation directly related to the storage of electronic documents must be addressed when managing a document imaging system: current, or active documents, and archived documents.
Active Documents
We recommend storing current, or active, information on your local server, giving you the security precautions associated with your network and providing instant access to the documents over your network. An advantage of the PDF document is that numerous workstations can view a single document simultaneously on a network.
The hard drive capacity required for your server will be dependent on the number of electronic documents and the length of active time assigned to each individual file. We will be happy to assist you in calculating your current storage needs.

Archiving Electronic Documents
With time, documents can become inactive and are removed from the active server system and archived. Depending on your personal comfort level, budget, etc., these documents can be archived on a tape drive, a CD-ROM or on an optical disc. The majority of our customers utilize document storage on a CD-ROM. A single CD-ROM stores up to 700Mb of data and has a shelf life of 100 years. Furthermore, they are priced at less than $1.00 each. If your information needs require instant access to archived documents, a high-capacity jukebox can be easily integrated with our document imaging system.


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