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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
Electronic Solutions for Imaging document imaging and management provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, web and CD publishing solutions.
"We make your documents available, when you need them,
             wherever you need them, at the click of a mouse!"
Electronic Document Management System
Our Document Imaging Systems
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Our Document Imaging Systems
We provide two complete document imaging systems that are flexible enough to be used in the U.S. Naval Command Center, yet affordable for businesses with less than ten employees. Our document imaging systems are designed to be operated by entry-level personnel and do not require IT service and support.

Page 1     Why our Document Imaging Systems?

Page 2     A Side-by-Side Comparison of our Imaging Systems.

Page 3     Our Document Imaging Software.

Page 4  
  Screenshots of our Scanning Process.

Page 5  
  Screenshots of our Labeling Process.

Page 6  
  Search and Retrieve our PDF Documents with Freeware.

Page 7  
  Screenshots of our Search Process.

Page 8  
  Screenshots when Retrieving Multiple Documents.

Page 9  
  Advantages of Using PDF Files.

Page 10  
A Case Study of DIS, Inc.

Page 11  
Service & Support.

Page 12  
System Requirements.

Page 13  
Optional Compatible Software.



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Our Imaging Systems' ability to cut your expenses Is Unparalleled by Other Cost Reduction Strategies.

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