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Electronic Document Management System
Additional Features
There are times when marking up an electronic document with a graphic is the most efficient means to convey your ideas. At other times, directly marking up a document with text is a better choice. The software we utilize provides a suite of both graphic and text markup tools that allow you the flexibility to mark up an electronic document and have these markups saved as annotations.

Marking up electronic documents with graphic markup tools
The graphic markup tools provide several methods for visually annotating an electronic document. They also allow you to add a note to the graphic markup, if desired. When selecting a tool, consider the effect you want:
  • The pencil tool creates a freeform line.
  • The rectangle tool creates a rectangular boundary you can position over text or graphics.
  • The ellipse tool creates a circular boundary you can position over text or graphics.
  • The line tool creates a straight line from two specified points.

The visual information you convey with this type of annotation can be purely abstract or highly symbolic. For instance, you might draw an ellipse as an abstract representation of the workflow process and attach your comments on the workflow in an associated note. Or you might draw a rectangle that encloses a graphic and write your critique on the image in the associated note.

Sticky Notes
A very useful feature is the use of Sticky Notes, which can be added to a PDF file. They can be viewed with Reader but will not print. They are intended to allow an electronic document to be reviewed by a group of people: there are facilities to color-code them that are useful to identify quickly a person or a department. To see an example of a PDF document with a sticky note attached check out: Sticky Note Annotations

Setting the custom color option
You can set the color of your annotations. For example, you might want to change the color of your annotations to make them easily distinguishable from those of other reviewers in a document, or you might want to specify a different color for each type of annotation. The options you select apply to the current and subsequent annotations of the same type within an electronic document; they are not applied retroactively to prior annotations.

Managing annotations
The software provides functionality for editing all types of annotations. This allows you to make changes and corrections to annotations, as well as replace them. The software's sort and display capabilities make it easy to manage annotations from a number of sources. You can sort annotations by type, author, date, and page, and selectively display them as groups.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, 336.824.7011 or MSN Instant Messenger at if you have any additional questions regarding our document imaging products or services. We employ CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architech) professionals to answer any questions regarding your document imaging needs.

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