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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
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Electronic Document Management System
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Our Document Imaging & Management System embeds the key search words into the PDF document, which allows these search words to be identified by any search engine that recognizes the PDF format, such as Google and Microsoft Sharepoint Services.In a business climate, where organizations are seeking ways to cut costs and increase productivity, document imaging systems are providing the most dramatic impact on office production since the copy machine replaced carbon paper.

Document Imaging and Management System and Software SolutionWith our document imaging system  multiple users can access electronic PDF documents at one time, information tends to flow more freely using our system. The benefit is straightforward: immediate access to documents results in higher office efficiency.

The foundations of our document imaging software are simplicity and adaptability. Through our partnership with Adobe, we have created an imaging software package that is powerful, easy to use, and will turn every document into the time-tested PDF file format.

With our document imaging software package, you have the option of creating PDF files by two different methods. First, documents that already exist in another electronic format can be converted directly into the PDF format and added to our index for search and retrieval. Second, paper documents can be scanned, automatically converted into retrievable PDF documents, and added to our index for search and retrieval. Every PDF document and the searchable indexes created by our imaging software can be archived on CD-ROM discs, external hard drives, or another storage device of your choice. Combining the PDF file format with our document imaging software creates an imaging solution with which other vendors cannot compete.

Simplicity: Easy to Learn and Use
Our imaging software package is designed so that entry-level personnel can be in full production (running the scanning station, labeling documents and indexing files) with less than two hours of training.

Our indexing and retrieval software is self-extracting, allowing easy index creation and maintenance. The indexes can be created by individuals with basic computer skills and do not require technical support from your IT department.

End-users on a network can learn to retrieve, view and print indexed documents with less than fifteen minutes of training. By simply clicking on the "Search" icon and typing in a keyword for a particular document, the document will instantly appear on your screen for viewing and printing.

The software for finding, viewing and printing a PDF document is freeware created by Adobe called Acrobat Reader and can be installed on every workstation on a network free of charge. Furthermore, users outside your organization can download it for free from the Internet. This freeware dramatically reduces the cost to your organization to share documents internally and externally.

Adaptability: Flexible Indexing Options
From government facilities to offices with less than ten employees, our document imaging software has demonstrated its adaptability to any size and type of business. The flexibility of our labeling and retrieval software is a key reason for its versatility. With our document imaging software, you can identify a document for retrieval with as many fields or labels as necessary, each label containing an unlimited number of characters. This allows organizations to mirror the retrieval strategies of their paper-based filing system, and insures very precise retrieval search results. Using terminology with which employees are already familiar when searching for documents dramatically shortens the learning curve for comfortable use of our system.

In addition, our system allows you to create multiple self-extracting index-databases, which can be turned on or off, depending on the complexity of your search. This allows our retrieval system to easily adapt to the unique needs of your company. Combining the ease-of-use of Acrobat Reader with the flexibility of our labeling and indexing software creates a solution your employees will adapt to in a matter of minutes, compared to days, weeks or even months with other systems.

A Secure Investment
The core of our document imaging software package was designed by Adobe to archive documents for the U.S. Department of Defense. Currently, the U.S. Federal Government is still the largest user of PDF technology. Many individuals have encountered the PDF format when they download electronic tax forms from the IRS. Another major endorsement of the PDF file format came in 2000 when the U.S. Federal Court system, under its Case Management / Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) project, decided to adopt the PDF file format for archiving its legacy files.

These cases reinforce confidence that the investment made in PDF technology with our software will stand the test of time. PDF documents will still be accessible hundreds of years into the future because of their widespread use by the U.S. Federal government. In addition, software companies are committed maintain backward compatibility to the PDF format that will negate the possibility of retrieving past versions of archived PDF files.

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