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Electronic Document Management System
Our Document Imaging Systems
There is no way to overestimate the value of the straightforward simplicity of our document imaging system. Our document imaging system feeds a paper document through a high-speed scanner, and converts the image into an electronic PDF file. This industry-preferred file format is ideal for sharing across a company's local area network (LAN), accessing over the Internet, or archiving to a hard drive or other media. In addition to being a document conversion solution, our document imaging system also integrates with the Windows printing system, allowing users to create a PDF file directly from any application by using the "print" function. This completely eliminates the need to print documents to paper and then scan them back into the system.

Simplicity is the foundation of our document imaging systems success: it is simple to set up, simple to use, and simple to manage. We provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running in hours without an expensive and time-consuming installation and customization process. An entry-level employee can be in full production (scanning, labeling, and indexing) after less than two hours of training. Our document imaging system requires only basic computer skills for installation and management without the need for constant intervention of IT personnel. Even our index-databases, created by Adobe, were designed as self-extracting programs requiring minimal installation time without IT involvement.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be easily utilized by everyone on a network to retrieve, view and print the PDF documents created by our document imaging system: your company's personnel can perform these functions from their desktop PCs after less than fifteen minutes of training. Millions people are already familiar with Acrobat Reader because it is standard software preloaded on most personal computers and is widely used when navigating the Internet.

By Embedding our Label into the Electronic File, our Documents Become our Database
Other document imaging systems label documents with characters that reside in an independent database. Creating this type of label database that is simply linked to its documents is problematic in that it eliminates the ability to transfer documents across multiple platforms, creates compatibility issues with future software upgrades, and binds one to the original host imaging system.

Our labels are automatically embedded into every electronic PDF file created by our system; everywhere the document goes, the label travels with it. This feature is an enormous advantage to our customers because it eliminates the need for database maintenance and the requirement of adding "Meta-tags" to documents for web-enablement. Our indexing system simply extracts the character information from the documents and generates a "flat database" from which searches are conducted. This gives you the freedom to move documents from one directory to another. By simply rebuilding the index at the click of a single button, documents are ready for retrieval because the embedded label moves with the document.

The advantages of our labeling software become brutally obvious in the event of a disaster. With our system, the solution is to simply download the documents back onto the server and recreate the index, which is accomplished in a matter of minutes. A similar scenario with a complex database would require hours - or even days - to replicate and rebuild the old database. Costly downtime and IT department commitment are eliminated by our solution.

Our Document Imaging System Adapts to any Company's Unique Makeup Because we can Create and Search Multiple Indexes
From federal institutions to small-scale companies, out document imaging system has demonstrated its adaptability to any size and type of business. The key is the flexibility of our labeling and retrieval system. Our labeling engine allows one to identify a document for retrieval with an unlimited number of labels, each label containing an unlimited number of characters. Additionally, our system allows you to create multiple index-databases which can be enabled or disabled, depending on the range of content your search requires. The result is an document imaging system that can adapt to the unique needs of your company. The flexibility of our labeling and indexing system combined with the ease-of-use of Acrobat Reader creates a system to which you will adapt and seamlessly integrate into your existing modus operandi in mere minutes, compared to days, weeks or even months with other systems.

With versatility in mind, we created a document imaging system that allows one to either label or OCR a document for retrieval purposes (please refer to the more technical discussion on this subject within Section I). The ability to use unlimited characters while labeling documents with our system has allowed many of our customers to use existing terminology with which employees are already familiar, facilitating a quick and easy transition into using our retrieval system.

Our Document Imaging Systems use the PDF file format
We chose to use the PDF file format because it uniquely fulfills the prerequisite criteria for the "ideal" document imaging system:

  1. First, a PDF file is an exact replica of its paper counterpart and cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. This was a key reason for the U.S. Federal Court system's selection of the PDF file format for its CM/ECF document archive-imaging project.

  2. The PDF document format allows anyone to view the document independently of the hardware, operating system and application software that was used to create the PDF document. Furthermore, it can be transferred and shared across multiple computer platforms, creating an ideal document format for use on the Internet, or in the corporate environment.

  3. Multiple users can simultaneously view a PDF document using free software (Acrobat Reader). Other systems that use the TIFF file format require special viewers, therefore restricting information sharing outside of the corporate environment.

  4. By using the PDF file format, you are assured that your investment in this technology will not become obsolete. If you decide to expand into workflow or share documents on the Internet in the future, every electronic document you create now can be used in future environments.

  5. Because any alterations to a PDF document leaves an electronic footprint, they can be stored on a hard drive or the organization's server. This eliminates the need for expensive optical drive hardware and IT technical knowledge.

We Do Not Have a "Per-Seat" Charge with our Document Imaging System. Whether your Have 2 or 10,000 People Connected to the System, the Price is the Same
Previously, document imaging systems were cost-prohibitive for most businesses. Our goal was straightforward: to develop a cost-effective system so that any business could take advantage of the benefits offered by document imaging. It also had to be robust enough to successfully compete against systems costing $150,000 - $200,000.

The result is an imaging system that is both affordable and easy to use. Our system's software is priced at $10,450 and is robust enough that it is used by the U.S. Naval Command Center in Washington D.C. and by the U.S. Marshall Service.

Using the PDF file format and an indexing-database developed by Adobe for the U.S. Department of Defense keeps the expense of the system low. Our system is freed from the costly hardware configurations required by other systems using the TIFF file format and its required optical drive system. Besides being less expensive than an optical drive system, sharing documents from a network server is inherently easier and requires less technical expertise.

Our system uses Adobe Acrobat Reader with a plug-in search module to search, view and print documents from the system. Because this software is free, we avoid a "per-seat" charge for workstations connected to the network. With our system, it does not matter whether 2 users or 10,000 users are on the network; the cost of the system is the same.

Service, Training and Consulting
At Document Imaging Solutions, Inc. we are committed to providing the ultimate level of service and support. We offer extended warranties on our scanning systems and provide unlimited telephone support for one year. Finally, we provide free on-line customer training for our system. Although our systems are easy to use, some organizations prefer to have us come on-site to install, train and consult with them on our document imaging system. If desired, we will provide on-site consulting and training services for an additional fee.

Seeing is Believing
To help you evaluate our system, we have employed several cutting-edge technologies which enable an interactive demonstration and answer many of your questions. To allow you to see our system at work, we filmed it in use at one of our customer's headquarters. He has been using our system for over three years, and his candid responses to frequently-asked questions are included in a seven-minute video CD you may receive upon request.

We also offer an online demo which allows you to simulate our document imaging system in action. You can experience first-hand the power of our software and the ease of our search and retrieval system. Also, as it is performed over the Internet, everything can be seen and experienced in the comfort of your office.

Simplicity and versatility were the paramount goals in the development of our system, and they are what continue to distinguish our product from others. The advantages of a document imaging system cannot be overestimated; our system allows you to realize those benefits, affordably.

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