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Electronic Document Management System
Document Imaging For Healthcare
More and more physicians are choosing to move away from paper charts and gain the benefits of a document imaging system. Electronic medical records are being used within organizations to allow medical care providers to gain quick and easy access to patient medical records. An electronic medical record system allows doctors throughout a hospital or office to look at charts and medical histories of patients without having to search files or wait for clerks to get the information.

Fully customizable
Our document imaging system allows the practice to manage files as it always has, choosing appropriate names for each file and cataloging each according to its specific need. Patients' charts are also fully customizable allowing the practice the flexibility to define what data is displayed on default. For example, an office can list every medication and dosage on a patient file. Then in the future, if a warning were issued on a drug the practice had prescribed, every patient that was prescribed that drug could be identified in a matter of minutes.

Patient files are easy to find
One frequent problem mentioned by medical staff is finding active patients charts, which move around a lot. With our imaging system, it virtually eliminates the time staff wastes looking for patient information by placing data in one electronic location that can be accessed by multiple users at multiple locations. This improved access to patient records allows a practice to focus on more important tasks, thereby enhancing patient care.

Free up hundreds of square feet of office space
In addition to the simultaneous access to patient records and reducing time spent looking for and re-filing those records, another benefit of an electronic document imaging system is the reduction of paper to be stored. Electronic medical records take up little room, freeing hundreds of square feet of office space for uses other than paper storage.

Common problems with paper files are eliminated
With an electronic document imaging system these common problems with a paper filing system are also eliminated:
  • Keeping all of a patient's papers together in one file yet separated into proper categories.
  • Identifying which patients belong to which doctor.
  • Eliminating paperwork and notes falling out of the file.
  • Purging inactive patient records.

Improved patient care
When patients call the office with questions, the file can be immediately accessed from any desktop PC. This allows the call to be handled swiftly and easily, immediately providing the patient with the information he or she needs. Patients feel that they are receiving more personalized care when callbacks and messages left on answering machines are eliminated.

In compliance with HIPAA
Another benefit of our system is that files can be secured at document level with password security. This security helps keep a practice in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which addresses "patient privacy issues", and HIPAA, which addresses sharing electronic information.

Doesn't disrupt established office procedures
A key advantage to our document imaging system is that it doesn't disrupt established procedures in an office. Staff members don't need to learn a new program, and the office can still use paper if desired. We simply take your paper environment and scan it into electronic PDF documents. This allows everyone in the office to be able to easily retrieve these electronic patient records. In fact, most offices create an electronic filing system that parallels their current paper system, making the transition effortless for the practice. Because PDF documents are electronic replicas of their paper counterparts, everyone quickly becomes comfortable using the electronic document system.

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