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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
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Electronic Document Management System
Document Imaging For Manufacturing

Manufactures are discovering that they must reduce costs and increase administrative efficiencies to remain competitive, as the Business world and consumer marketplace becomes increasingly digital. Document Imaging Solutions is providing manufactures these competitive necessities on several administrative levels.
Reduce Storage and Retrieval Costs
Manufactures using our Document Imaging Systems are drastically reducing costs and inefficiencies related to document storage and retrieval. A recent cost analysis from Pitney-Bowes and Xerox places the total cost of handling and archiving a single paper document, during its complete life cycle at a Fortune 500 company, at $10 per sheet. That cost skyrockets to $75 when a manual archive search is required.

Our systems enable manufactures to store these documents digitally and thereby eliminate most of the storage costs paper archives require. Valuable space is freed up for other uses for companies using onsite storage by removing rows and rows of filing cabinets and filing boxes. Retrieval times and related expenses are greatly reduced by the ability to retrieve our PDF files instantly from any desktop PC. The savings and efficiencies gained here alone can create a ROI (return on investment) of 6 -12 months.
Our Systems are Paying Huge Dividends for Accounting Departments
Instant access to critical information is the primary benefit for company accountants and bookkeepers. Invoices, bills of lading, proof of delivery, and financial reports of various types can be retrieved and shared within seconds.
Improved Customer Service
Do you keep customers waiting while looking for an invoice, billing statement, a signature, bill of lading, or a report? Even if it only takes 10 minutes, that's 10 minutes of customer annoyance and 10 minutes of employee labor cost and often the expense of a returned phone call. The yearly savings related to customer service is enormous when you multiple that 10 minutes and those additional phone charges by the thousands of instances that may occur each month.
Shared Access to Job Files/Work Orders
Our systems reduce "time-to-market" by allowing simultaneous access to job file documents by department employees. Waiting for critical job related specs and information is eliminated. Automatically dated notes can be attached to documents within a job file by various departments as work proceeds. Once completed, job files can be archived digitally, and at some later point in time, quickly retrieved to access information for creating or completing new job files.
Engineering Reduces Costly Errors
It is very costly mistake when the wrong auto-cad drawing and specs are mistakenly being used on the floor of a manufacturing facility. Our system equips engineering departments to display their drawings out on the floor as read only PDF files, eliminating intentional and mistaken changes made on the floor. By then linking PDF drawings back to the original auto-cad drawing, the engineering department can control the document and make changes to the documents as needed. By maintaining the engineering departments control, they can make sure the plant is viewing the proper up-to-date auto-cad drawings and reduce these costly production mistakes.
Timely Access to Critical Reports
Timely posting of various types of reports is another area where manufactures are benefiting from our Document Imaging Systems. Posting Purchasing Specification Reports, Parts Reports, Product Cost Reports etc. on ones network greatly enhances the value of these reports and greatly reduces the time required to access needed information.
Scalability is Important for Implementing Imaging Solutions
The scalability of our systems is important in that it allows manufactures to implement our systems over time, departmentally. Document imaging solutions can be added in stages as each department completes their analysis for imagining applications. Our experience has been that all departments are not necessarily ready for the digital changes at the same time. Our systems can be implemented as applications are recognized. In fact, additional cost-saving applications are often recognized after a system is installed and in use by a department.
Competitive Edge
What we have shared here are just a few of the cost-saving benefits Document Imaging Solutions are offering manufacturing companies. The critical question all of these examples pose is this: "If your competitors are using imaging solutions to reduce capital expenditures and increase efficiencies for document storage and document management, can your company afford not to?"

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