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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
Electronic Solutions for Imaging document imaging and management provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, web and CD publishing solutions.
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Electronic Document Management System
Document Imaging For Trucking

Document Imaging and Management System and Software SolutionOur document imaging system is  the ideal system to solve your companies paper storage and retrieval problems. By converting both archived and newly generated documents into efficient digital PDF file format, document storage space problems are eliminated.

Our Document Imaging & Management System embeds the key search words into the PDF document, which allows these search words to be identified by any search engine that recognizes the PDF format, such as Google and Microsoft Sharepoint Services.Instant access to information eliminates the time delays, confusion and misinformation which frustrate customers, and ultimately translates into improved customer service and enhanced reputation for the company.

Trucking companies of all sizes generate a great deal of paper, that not only needs to be retained, but accessed and shared with others, both within and outside of the company. The time and operating costs saved by using our Document Imaging Systems is significant.

Managing Driver Paperwork
During every haul, several important pieces of paper need to be collected, retained, and the information shared with others. Signed Bills of Lading, weight tickets, toll tickets, fuel tickets, expense receipts are all important pieces of paper in the operation of a trucking company. In many instances, invoices sent to customers must include these receipts and documentation to receive payment. Converting all this paperwork into our PDF documents offers tremendous time and cost saving benefits. For example:
  • Drastically reduces time and costs related to filing and storing these paper documents.
  • Frees up space being used to store paper documents.
  • Reduces copying costs of paper receipts and documents.
  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to find and retrieve invoices and supporting receipts.
  • Creates more efficient workflow within company.
  • Reduces costs and time delays when sending documents to headquarters from remote truck terminals.
  • Greatly improve Customer services: Staff can quickly respond to customer inquiries and eliminate expensive return calls.

Maintaining A Competitive Edge
Given the high volume of paper generated and the intense need to share information from with various parties, our Document Imaging Systems quickly pay for themselves and increase the company's bottom line. Any size trucking company that wants to maintain a competitive edge will need to take advantage of the cost cutting benefits document imaging solutions offer.


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