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ESI Imaging solutions reduce misfilings, document retrieval time, photocopying & paper distribution costs.
Electronic Solutions for Imaging document imaging and management provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, web and CD publishing solutions.
"We make your documents available, when you need them,
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Electronic Document Management System
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Our Document Imaging & Management System embeds the key search words into the PDF document, which allows these search words to be identified by any search engine that recognizes the PDF format, such as Google and Microsoft Sharepoint Services.Please feel free to contact us by phone, 336.824.7011 or MSN Instant Messenger at  if you have any questions regarding our products or services. We employ CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architech) professionals to answer questions regarding your document imaging needs and offer competitive pricing and an easy-to-work with staff.

Back File Conversion Services
Documents that once required dozens of file cabinets to store, can now be stored in a fraction of the space.  Using electronic scanning technology, ESI can convert all your paper documents no matter what size your source material, from business cards to 11"x17" size documents to a more manageable CD-ROM or electronic file on your corporate intranet or the World Wide Web.

Paper to PDF Conversion Services
ESI specializes in paper-to-PDF conversions and interactivity services.  We take your project from start to finish with document preparation, scanning, indexing, OCR processing, quality control and then final output to CD-ROM or electronic file.

Digital Format Conversion Services
ESI will also convert your existing digital files such as text files, Word documents, HTML or RTF to Portable Document Format (PDF).

Electronic Document Index Labeling
ESI has the capacity to label your documents using a unique labeling engine which allows one to identify a document for retrieval with an unlimited number of labels, each label contains an unlimited number of characters. By embedding our label into the electronic PDF file, your documents become your database; everywhere the document goes, the label travels with it. This feature eliminates the need for database maintenance and the requirement of adding "Meta-tags" to documents for web-enablement. Our indexing system simply extracts the character information from the documents and generates a "flat database" from which searches are conducted. This gives you the freedom to move documents from one directory to another. By simply rebuilding the index at the click of a single button, documents are ready for retrieval because the embedded label moves with the document.

Electronic Document Processing Services
ESI has the capacity to enhance your documents using Optical Character Recognition or OCR.  Documents that are OCR processed by ESI are searchable allowing you to pinpoint key information fast, using full-text searchable indexes.  In addition, documents that are OCR processed can be edited whenever necessary.  Contracts, reports, strategic plans, or any other documents that need to be changed periodically can be revised without re-keying the entire document. 

Consulting Services
ESI provides consulting services to clients building Intranets and developing in-house conversion capabilities.  We are a Value Added Reseller that specializes in hardware, software and turnkey imaging systems targeted towards meeting your document imaging solution project goals.  Contact ESI to find out about the benefits of PDF-based document imaging and distribution solutions and we will be glad to let our team of experienced consultants lead you through this process.

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